Food Diary― Philippines (1)

Second round of my food diary. I’m now thinking of upping my photography game. All my photos are just effortlessly taken with my phone and I don’t think about making it pretty because it’s the first time I’ve created the dish, and I think I’ll do it again in the future, [then] I’ll be making the photo pretty. Hmmm. I have time for that.

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments…

Slow-cooked short rib + mashed po + cauliflower steak


Spring Roll Assemblage



Enter a caption


Kimchi fried rice whose recipe I don’t remember… Every single time.
Umami bomb omelette
Fake Greek Salad
Cajun Fish tacos with Mango Salsa
Pico de Gallo + Mango Salsa
Kimchi chiggae (Kimchi Stew)
Dongchimi guksu (Water Kimchi noodles)
Chickpea curry
Random yogurt
Mango, dark chocolate, salt, cayenne
Coconut-cover Milk Pastillas

Extra large Spanish Tortilla

condiments > hot pockets tbh
ok good
Ying Ying Binondo
Lord Stow’s
beautiful, distasteful
experiment: Apple Pie + Caramel Sundae
Liquid Nitrogen stuff at Katipunan Ave! Fun!

Nonna’s at Solenad 3, Nuvali. Pizza was great. Meatballs were great. Pasta was, meh.

I know that a lot of people like Banapple. But it just doesn’t cut for me. From the main course food to the dessert, and their bad service. Oh God, that pissed me off. Banapple-Solenad 3, Nuvali.

Ube and Keso sorbetes. YUM

This is for all the Lasallians. They sell this ice cream sandwich in school. I tried it. And it was horrible. The ice cream was icy as frozen milk. It tasted mainly of condensed milk. Just… Just no.

This is Korean mochi filled with red bean and drenched in soy bean powder. Delicious. You can find this in Korean groceries.

IMG_8215I’m not a wine connoisseur though I wish I was.

Watermelon agua fresca with basil

First time to make tortillas. PLS how do you make them circular.


Food Diary―Korea


Food Diary! This is just a photo-filled post of food I’ve eaten. WTF, RIGHT? Anyway there are short reviews on each food. I thought it’d be nice to do something with all the pictures I’ve taken over the past months. This also serves as a reference for things I will never eat again, or things that I should definitely make or try again.

During my exile in Korea (May-August 2015)

First up: food I cooked at my dorm.


This was my go-to quick lunch or dinner. Basically the pasta sauce is just garlic, olives, capers, tomatoes (either canned or fresh cherries). I couldn’t find any canned anchovies, but it was still really good. Chicken breast was pan-seared, covered in an herb mix I got from the grocery.

Made-up tomato-egg dish + Yoghurt, nutz, and berries

Made up egg dish + yoghurt and berries 

This is how I make my scrambled eggs: Put eggs in a hot pan, stir around without breaking the yolk.

Soft-boiled egg on toast
Cherry tomato pasta
Kamote + Spam

This quickly became boring

Crammed homework + Omelette and Toast and Maxim Cawffee
Sesame-dressed salad, Chicken, cheese strings. A+
Spamwich. A+

My breakfasts



yoghurt and fruit. YES.

eating ramen and mandu is one of the most satisfying things but you’re gonna feel really fat afterwards

On to the food I didn’t cook/make.

Donkatsu. Each one is worth P200 only so A+

Samgyetang / Ginseng Chicken. Delicious, hearty wow o wow. Koreans usually eat this in the summer because the ginseng gives you energy. But I could eat this hot bowl of slow-cooked chicken all year round. That’s rice, jujubes, ginseng, and garlic inside the chicken. It’s stuffed there to cook along with the chicken so obvs the flavor is MAXIMUM.

This is tteokbokki. Rice cake, fish cake, noodles cooked in a spicy sauce. After eating most of the ingredients, there would be sauce left and that’s meant to be mixed with rice afterwards. So yes, it’s a carb overload, but it’s very delicious.IMG_5592This is naengmyeon with fried dumplings. Naengmyeon is delicious but don’t get them in Han’s deli like I did. Go to Korean restaurants for this. It’s a cold noodle dish with a kimchi + vinegary soup base.IMG_5411This is Soondubuchiggae / Soft tofu stew. Beside is Kimchi and Meat, forgot if it was beef or pork. Soft tofu stew is my favorite but this specific place didn’t deliver.IMG_6345This is bulgogi (most left) Everything else on the right comes with it. That’s dwaenjangchiggae (Fermented bean paste stew) and delicious side dishes!! This is one of the best meals I had in Korea. ❤

This is Jokbal from a jokbal place in Hongdae. This was absolutely delicious. Everything from the starter soup to the salad to the main pork dish. That’s really soft and tasty pork. The best part was eating the skin and tendons off the knuckles.

Korean fried chicken from Way Side Chicken and Mymy Chicken. Ok, Korean Fried Chicken is as Korean as any of their other food. I ate ‘KFC’ at least once a week… or more. My favorite is Kyochon’s spicy fried chicken.

music festival food. That was the spiciest tteokbokki of my life.

and others

First row, store-bougt cookie 😦 better than I expected. Second row, my chocolate milk birthday cake and a chocolate and creamcheese bread from Paris Baguette (!!!). Third row, things that failed me. That’s geranppang (egg bread) which would’ve been great if the yolk was runny. The rest are just treats. :–)

Macaron Ice cream from the store. And Fish pancake with vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and matcha powder (!!!!). I got mine in Myeongdong but it’s a street stall which is a thing all over Seoul.

Genmaicha green tea. It tasted like the earth. Ossulloc is a beautiful tea shop with branches across Korea. Their store has the perfect, non-intimidating ambience.

Churros and Ice cream. Sobok Healthy ice cream. It’s a soy bean ice cream. The place is very normcore. Must go. I wish I tried their whole menu tho. It’s a bit pricy but worth it.

Paik’s coffee everyday.

That’s it for Korea. There would be more from the Philippinesssssss! If you have any questions or any feels, just let it out in the comments box. ^_^~

Wandering around Jongno District

My visual creativity is running low… I’m starting to question my new ventures in the realm of video blogging. Jeez! I was so chill, I didn’t even think about blogging or anything about this trip. (Yes, I just packed my bags and left) I think the iPhone5 is doing a good job on the photos but my videos lack the cool umph that I want. I can’t seem to put things in a clear perspective and produce an output that has an identity. I’m not lazy about it, I’m just lost. I’m constantly reassuring myself that it’s okay since I’m just starting and I have room for improvement. Luckily, someone’s bringing our family’s SLR, so I’m bound to have better output! I’m also going to think things through, have a proper vision in mind of how I want things to be.

Speaking of bad output, here’s my 2nd vlog. I can’t even remember how that video goes but I know that it sucked. While I was editing on Windows movie maker (kill me), my files went bonkers on me and I had to delete several footages. Meh. Last night though, I think I crafted a better video for my 3rd Vlog.

My third vlog featured Changdeokgung (Palace) and a few establishments along the infamous Insadong street. As you have guessed, I wandered alone. It was great. I’m quite used to going around alone, even in the Philippines. (I lack adventurous & spontaneous friends 😟)

How to go to Changdeokgung: Anguk Station exit 3, walk straight ahead

This filter from VscoCam is officially my Palace filter. It looks so badass, no?
I’m imagining Beatrix Kiddo will appear with a katana.
The bridge I was standing on was built in the 15th century


Changdeokgung was okay. I like Gyeongbokgung better because it’s more vast and I like the gardens and Pavilions around it. I went to the Gyeongbok palace last year with my dad and sister. I think it’s on my blog somewhere. I’ll probably go there again, sometime. in Changdeokgung, I went around on my own because I wasn’t feeling earnest to listen to tour guides. There was a separate “Secret garden” tour beside Changdeokgung but I didn’t want to wait for an hour, so I went to Insadong instead.

Anguk station art

First stop in Insadong is Osulloc (어 설록). A tea shop with a café on the 2nd floor.

Wide selection of Jeju teas.


Insane. I wonder how it is. I didn’t buy it though…
They have a wide array of teas. All beautifully packed.

Green tea tiramisu
Green tea frappe/milkshake with soft serve

I had a beautiful time at Osulloc. I bought a Cherry Blossom box of tea. The green tea tiramisu did not please. The cream part was bland and that didn’t go well with the bitter matcha powder on top. The green tea frappe was as glorious at it looks. It was smooth like a milkshake. The ice cream was on point with matcha flavor.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Next stop was Beautiful Tea Museum (아름다운 차  박물관) 


tea rice cake

I chose the Beautiful Tea Museum as one of my stops because I wanted to try some traditional Korea tea. I thought that the place would be a little intimidating but all my expectations were taken over. It was the perfect place for tranquility and calm happiness. The place was quiet, it was well-lit with natural light, and it was very minimalistic. The place resembles a Korean courtyard, bedecked with wooden tables and chairs.

Afterwards, I had nothing else to do. I looked at my map and spotted an art museum with a view. Every floor had different exhibits.

These were my favorites:

cute couple, please stay where you are
not tissue paper




Solo Flight: Arrival in Incheon

Arrival in INCHEON

Well here I am… In Korea… For 3 months.

You would think it’s an awesome thing and I do too. Going to a foreign land, studying their language and culture. But I’m not there yet. I’m still 2 weeks away from university and things are going remotely my way. I’m under my grandmother’s roof, so I have to obey whatever she tells me, or at least what I think she tells me. (e.g., eat a lot; don’t shower; wake up at 6AM to eat breakfast; Sleep with 6 layers of blankets; Drink warm water ALL THE TIME; eat Korean melon everyday) By the way, I’ve been eating a lot of rice since yesterday. Whereas back home, I wasn’t eating white rice; I was eating a normal amount of brown rice. Here, every meal means I have to eat 2 servings of white rice and I am only spared half servings occasionally. FAT GIRL FEELS. When I’m in my room, I can’t help but do a few exercise routines. I plan to lose a dramatic amount of weight this summer but this first week is already a big challenge. NGGHH

I don’t think I can do an apartment tour because my grandmother’s apartment is just dull. It’s really just functional–no design whatsoever. But here’s a look at the bathroom where it’s always a beautiful view whenever I take a shower. Charaught.


It’s one of those memorable things in ones life where one travels alone for the first time. Being dropped off at Terminal 3 and saying words of goodbye to family members. Hugs, kind words… Seeing the car disappear into the distance.

OKAY that was too dramatic. Hehe. Our moment was pretty casual with a hint of rare emotion. I view this trip as more of an adventure than leaving home for a long time.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Sit like a lady?
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Ge Se & Tuts
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Kat, Ges, Me, Tuts, Syd

So I went directly to check-in and I thought that I could get through this process without a hitch. WRONG. My mom told me that I didn’t need to pay travel tax, but as it turned out, I needed to. IMPORTANT: If it has been more than a year since you came back from a foreign country, you would have to pay travel tax. I think everyone knows that, no? Lelz mom. So I didn’t have enough pesos with me but fortunately my condo was near NAIA so Syd and Ge Jin were able to hand me money. (2nd good bye, lolz)

The flight was okay… I didn’t have enough pesos again to buy ramen noodles so I settled for a mogu-mogu (Baka mabusog sa nata, Char). I was envious of that Korean across my row who was having his ramen. The smell of the ramen was wafting around the air. Gutom naaa.

Upon arriving in Incheon airport, I was kind of apprehensive on where to go because my memory of the airport was complicated because I wasn’t paying attention the last time I was there. But I handled it like a pro. There were English signs and arrows everywhere. Towards the immigration part, I saw a long queue on the ‘Foreign Passport’ area. Lelz. I’m loving my Korean passport. Took me literally 7 seconds to get through without speaking a word.

Okay so if you’re going to Korea alone for the first time, and you’re feeling apprehensive.


But seriously, anyone who can read will get to where they want to go.

TIP: I always tell this to myself and EVERY TIME I violate this simple self-made rule, shit happens. Never put anything on the counter inside comfort room cubicles. Because you might forget about it when you go out and 5 seconds after you remember it, your name is already being announced in the airport. #MaljaFailsInKorea

After I got my luggage I immediately logged in to my social media apps. I was so compelled to vlog and snapchat everything because everything was so cool Hahaha. SO I bought my T-Money (card for subway, bus) and rode the subway going home! I still remembered where my grandma’s apartment was so it went pretty smoothly. Gained some muscle mass from carrying my luggage (Couldn’t find the elevator, lol). It was fun. I’m used to doing things alone and that was just a whole new level of my independence.





Living up to the procrastinator that I am, I’m writing my first blog post of the year. Oh happy new year by the way! Well, what has happened? Let’s see: I went through my 1st year of college, I gained and lost friends (and weight), I had loads of adventures. Basically my life has been given more exciting opportunities or rather, I claimed them myself. (Yay, finally something rousing has happened.)

At the moment, I am basking in the glory of summer vacation. When you go tocollege in DLSU, your time is gold. So I guess it’s safe to say that all Lasallians (who are not taking the special term) are gratefully lazing around in their summer vacation. I think I’m the only person who has not left for a real vacation. Everyone’s gone off to the beach or out of town, whilst I spend 70% of my day in front of my laptop, watching youtube or American Horror Story. Coping with the heat by munching on korean ice cream and chunks of ice. Little did I know, my unimaginative summer was going to be a spectrum of adventures.

This May, I am bound for South Korea to learn the Korean language and culture. This started as simply as my father asking me if I wanted to go to Korea. Well of course I want to. So right now, I am set up to leave in two weeks and stay there until August. There is a legit Korean training center I am attending to. So it’s not exactly vacation-type. Challenging, YES. It goes on for 10 weeks and I will go to school for 5-days. But everytime I think about it, I just think about Tim Doner. You know, 19-year old hyperpolyglot. (Who’s super cute as well) But I think it won’t be too bad given that I’m going to live in an awesome country for about three months. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

When my dad told me he’s going to send me to Korea, the first thing I looked up is the concerts. There are some RAD shows featuring artists such as the Foo Fighters, Noel Gallagher, The Kooks, Rudimental, PTX, more. Speaking about concerts, I have been to several awesome ones and I missed blogging about the best ones, so maybe I’ll put up some posts about them. But I can firmly say that my other adventures will go up in this vapid site.

Can’t wait for more things to come, AND I will share it will the internet!!! Brilliant



New Content ~

Hi. I have been craving to write about things in my head and I really don’t know why I have never tried opening this website again. Well. Lazy.

I wanted to write, really, I was just storing my thoughts and ideas in my head for quite some time and writing on my planner about writing on my blog.

I don’t even know if real people check this out but it’s okay. I guess quality-wise, my posts are downhill because I will lessen the photos?? I DONT KNOW. Maybe just more words. People really love visual stuff I do too but okay I will just do whatever I feel like doing. Like RANTING, or um giving recommendations, advices, OPINIONS, and just basically blasting out my mind.

Ready? Get set. GO

FInding the purpose

It’s 9 55 PM and I’ve just finished making boxes for my gifts and for people’s orders. These dozens and dozens of boxes are for food gifts. I’m making food gifts for Christmas and I’m also selling food gifts. It has been tiring!

So it is finally the Christmas break. I have been waiting for this for so long. Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year. It’s just perfect. Cold weather, hot chocolate, relaxing vibes, gifts, lots of eating, lots of drinking (?). You get the picture. 

After all the stress in school, this is more than anything I could wish for. I haven’t been sleeping much because our 3rd quarter in school was forcefully crammed to fit before 2014. We took our Periodical Exams this week and the quarter is finally over. Next year, it’ll be new again. 


So I was pretty disappointed on how my blog is turning out to be. If I had existential crisis in my life before, my blog is experiencing its own now. I took some time to ponder on the purpose of this blog.. Why did I create a blog? Does this blog benefit me or the society? Is this important? Why am I not active in blogging then?

Let us clear the cloud over here. ((Answering my own questions)) Here are the reasons why I created a blog:

  1. I felt the need to express myself more truthfully and my opinions. I felt like no one really understands. I’m part-introvert and I like to vent it out here.
  2. I wanted to have a little community with my readers 
  3. I wanted to be known as the blogger
  4. I thought blogging was pretty cool
  5. To practice my writing skills
  6. To share my interests and to let people know about the stuff I’m into
  7. To do something on my spare time.

Some of those are still applicable to my blogging purpose today but the real purpose of this blog is for me to document or write down my adventures in life, little or big, that it may remind me of my achievements, things that made me happy, or sad, or mad, as long as it’s noteworthy. Why not keep a pen and paper journal then? Who knows what I may do or say that can inspire others or help them relate with me. I think that is a good enough reason to keep on updating this blog. I’m not making any promises on what this blog is going to be… Maybe a food blog? Let it be