1st entry

You have a blog?

Yes, I do.

2012; Everyone has their own blog. Blogging is where people can express themselves and be authentic. Well some people who blog still don’t have authenticity because they don’t feel confident about their own abilities and they think it’s always better to have more fans/followers.

I am not new to the blogging world but I am new to WordPress. One time, I just thought of google-ing what are the best blogging platforms and it said WordPress, so I signed up immediately.

I’ve been blogging in Tumblr since August 2010. I actually have two blogs. The 1st blog is for my personal documentations/basically personal blogging. Now, it’s just filled with my Instagram photos.The 2nd blog is for the reblogs.

Why do I blog?

I blog because I like the idea of documenting my worthwhile activities. I like to share my ideas. Maybe I’m not that creative, but there’s nothing bad in trying. So basically my blog will contain the food I cook(I love to cook/bake sometimes), my fashion, music, artists I love, probably rants, and other things I would love to blog.

Malja x


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