Foster the People Live in Manila

Foster the People, my favorite band in this planet, came to the Philippines for their concert last October 6. They had an exclusive meet and greet in Edsa Shangri-La where in only 130 fans had a chance to get their album signed. I am one of those 130 and I am very thankful especially to Foster the People PH!

Photos of Foster the People press conference and meet&greet




ImageAccording to the fans, Mark Foster’s dad messaged him at this moment about living in the Philippines.ImageHe said this at the concert, “It’s so good to finally be here, been wanting to come here for a long time,” “You know it’s so crazy to be here right now, my grandfather lived here in the 40s, and my dad lived here in the 70s, and now I’m here in 2012,” “He told me he watched a band play here back in 1973,”

You guys should really read this article because it says a lot of what Mark Foster said during the concert.

So I got my album signed. I shook their hands and they talked to me.(AHHHHH!!)

*insert hot eye contact* *insert Mark Foster showing off a grin*

Mark Foster: You going tonight?

Me: Yes

Mark Pontius: See you!

The best seconds of my life. Right after the meet and greet, I just cried. Strictly no picture taking at the meet and greet. 😦





ImageI was VVIP Section 101 in Row K! That’s so far. I could’ve been one of those fans in row A who can touch Mark Foster if it didn’t get sold out so easily.Image

ImageThe concert was intense and the fans were hardcore. Here’s Mark Foster raping the keyboard. Image


ImageEverything he said was amazing and his voice is so hot.Image

Foster the People planet

ImageEveryone loves a derp face.Image

My concert buddies&bestfriends. Mikee and Micks.Image




I also met my best friend Louis! I was a tad bit shocked. I didn’t even know he was going. He just texted “Hey. What’s your row and section?” Haha! I look crapImage

I don’t have a descent photo of myself.

I love my oxfords and socks.




I already had a harsh voice(paos) before coming to the concert. I screamed(yeah, singing too but mostly screaming) a lot in the concert so the next day, I lost my voice.

I can say that Foster the People really loved Manila. Cubbie Fink, the bassist, only has 5 tweets in twitter and it’s funny and amazing how he tweeted “Manila Wafer”. Don’t really know what that means but it means a lot to me.. (Ano daw?)

Call me a loser or whatever but I’m admitting that that was my first ever concert. I danced my heart out for my favorite band and it felt amazing! This has been my life long dream and it finally came true. I’ve had waited for them since forever. Thank you God, mom, Foster the People Philippines and Foster the People.

Photo Sources: I got my photos from my Instagram, Mikee’s and Micks’, Ivory Music&Video, and the rest are in the photos itself

P.S. I am currently suffering from a Post Concert Depression (PCD) and I don’t know long this will last.

P.P.S. They said it won’t take them long to come back in the Philippines for their 2nd record.


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