3-Ehrentrudis S.Y. 2012-2013

I have once again abandoned my blog. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t blog because I’m lazy, but inside, I really want to blog. Haha!

It’s March and the end of my Junior year will be over soon. I have spent my school year 2012-2013 with my class 3-St. Ehrentrudis in SSCW. I have to say that even though most of the time I’m complaining to myself about some people in my class I still enjoyed being with them.

If I were to describe them I’ll say they’re weird, moody, smart, dramatic, autistic, boring, fun, loud, they have stinging words at times (hindi nyo lang alam ang sakit na ng sinasabi nyo, haha!), accepting, helpful, ok that’s all. Very Elementary, Malja.

To my friends/close friends, Kat R., Puj, Shaira, Jaja, CJ, Chiara, Trishia, Nery, Kathy, Ger, Danah, Dani, Cla, & more, thanks to every bit.

Even though I seldom talk to my classmates, there is an experience in every small talk. I’m sorry if I wasn’t careful with my words or actions and I might’ve offended you.

I enjoyed all the play practices even though very little of us attend. Haha!

Our school year 2012-2013 will end on March 20 something. Our prom will be today, March 9 at the Crimson Hotel. I’ll be posting pictures. 🙂