So  these past few weeks, we’ve been bonding with our relatives because first, two of my cousins are graduating, and my uncle just had his birthday. We’re really close to each other and we always have a good time. So I just wanna share with y’all my famiLEE. 🙂

Kat, my sister and Bea, my cousin.Image

We were talking about College. She’s Angela (or Francine), my cousin. She’s an incoming college freshman and she took the exam in DLSU, ADMU, and UP and she passed them all! She’s a genius okay. She’s going to take the toughest course in UP which is BS Administration&Accountancy. I’m so proud of her. Haha 🙂 Image

Alli, my youngest cousin, all dressed up like the Barden Bellas _MG_1445

Ashley&Ge Jin_MG_1453 _MG_1472 _MG_1477 _MG_1484 _MG_1498 _MG_1499 _MG_1507

Squished face with ate Max_MG_1522 _MG_1542

Endorsers of Jamba Juice?_MG_1572 IMG_1462

That day ended quickly. So we’re off to tito Bok’s birthday after 2 days, I think? I just wanna feature my pretty siblings. _MG_1646

Kuya Mac_MG_1655

Ge Jin

_MG_1658 _MG_1662

Ate Max_MG_1663

Mom and tito Bok_MG_1665

Birthday ‘boy’. Hey couz. (Naks, bagets)_MG_1668 _MG_1671

Bored apa_MG_1674

Jamming_MG_1687 _MG_1695 _MG_1696

Tumblr girls? Sadako maybe_MG_1734

Death stare, Bea_MG_1748

Tres Marias_MG_1759 _MG_1760 _MG_1761 _MG_1767 _MG_1776 _MG_1777 _MG_1782

Perfect Pic ender_MG_1786



Our Juniors’ prom was held last March 9, 2013 at Crimson Hotel, Filinvest City.

Very late post indeed. :p Anyway my prom kind of disappointed me. There are several reasons why.

  1. My prom dress was so expensive and it wasn’t even worth its price.
  2. My brother was my prom date. It’s okay. But it’s prom, so I wanted to have a real date.
  3. My make-up. They said my make-up was fine, but I kinda didn’t like it.(arte!) My sister did my hair and make-up.
  4. Program. Boring.
  5. Music. I made a playlist for our prom and they didn’t use it. The sound-crew didn’t play good music during the dance segment. When I requested to play SHM’s Don’t You Worry Child then when I turned around, no one was on the dance floor. The peeps obviously didn’t know how to party….
  6. Service. I wish Gordon Ramsay was there.

All the disappointments aside, I did have a tad bit of fun with my friends at the photobooth!


With my favorite people


With the prom princess, my good friend, Raven.


The very quiet Table 3


I’m such a fatty. Working on losing weight this summer!




Tonight, I’m letting it out. The unsure feelings suddenly became clear and I knew what was actually happening. I’ve always been considering the what ifs. Yeah, because I don’t want to judge my friends. Because I love them. And you don’t judge people you love. You shouldn’t judge anyone. But sometimes, or most of the time we ignore our instincts. We tend to doubt our judgement which is sometimes obviously true.

Having trouble with friendship or having a failed friendship is one of the biggest problems I can face. I’m a teen. It’s normal. And it’s so hard to go through.

Our english teacher made us read essays which helped me in the process of realizing some things. Whistle by Benjamin Franklin and The Decay of Friendship by Samuel Johnson. Look it up.
In the essay Whistle, it talked about “paying too much for the whistle” which means giving too much for something not worth it. When does it become unworthy? I think it becomes unworthy when you give something valuable like your time, or presence and then you don’t get anything back. Not even happiness or appreciation.
In the essay The Decay of Friendship, it talked about the causes of decay of friendship. There are innumerable causes but Samuel Johnson told about 5 causes which I can really relate to; long absence, not met expectations, opposition of interests, suspicion, and gradual decay of friendship.

I have talked about my problem to some of my closest friends. Friends who are truly there for me. Friends who I didn’t doubt. One friend of mine actually related to my situation as she was also experiencing the same problem. Yay I’m not alone.

Have you ever gave so much effort for a friend and it all went to waste? Like traveling really far just to see a friend and the meeting didn’t happen or the meeting didn’t turn out well, like it was boring or something.
Have you ever felt confused if what she’s saying is really true because words are so convincing but where’s the action? Where is the actual thing you wanna see?
Have you ever realized that you’re paying too much for the whistle? You feel ridiculous and you feel tired. Tired of trying and figuring it out.
Because I have. I have done it, felt it, realized it. Okay maybe I just think it is but it really isn’t. I don’t care anymore. I just let it be. Leave it be. Because just thinking that it’s there and believing it’s there is not enough. If you don’t feel it and if you feel alone, I think it’s just right to be sad and all dramatic about it.

I hope I get through this shit.
Someone save me

One Year More

Got my title from the song “One Day More” by the cast of Les Mis. Haha

Anyway, my Junior year is over and I’m about to take my college review classes this whole month of April. I’m going for MSA with my friends. And I really wanna go to Arrrneoo. Yuh. When I saw the application forms, I thought, damn I wanna repeat my high school. So for you young people, do really well in high school and have a lot of co-curricular activities. (I have very few of those)

So the week before our school ended, my class and I had our recollection and we went out for a pool and pizza party for our farewell and Victory in our Hamlet play and also for doing a really good job in our Noli Me Tangere play. (Yeah, we have a lot of plays, our teachers love to see us act)

Recollection ImageImage

Pool ParteehImage

One billion rising daw? Image

Yan ang jumpshotImage

Over all, my school year was… Okay. It’s fine. Adjusting wasn’t all that easy. I still miss my best friends. I still miss my previous school too. To my classmates who think I didn’t have fun, well I did. We all know we had a lot of laugh together. Thanks Ehren!

_MG_0270 _MG_0271 _MG_0274 _MG_0291 _MG_0292

Our projector got stolen! Seriously!_MG_0293 _MG_0294 _MG_0361 _MG_0366

Unfinished bulletin board. It’s my fault! 😦_MG_0382

The Santos Twins. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!_MG_0394

Mikha and Mia ❤_MG_0494

Paparazzi mode to this cute little girl _MG_0504 _MG_0505 _MG_0506 _MG_0507 _MG_0508 _MG_0512 _MG_0515 _MG_0516 _MG_0618 _MG_0620 _MG_0630 _MG_0879 IMG_0375 IMG_0376

Every play practiceIMG_0407 IMG_0410




Have a great summer!