Our Juniors’ prom was held last March 9, 2013 at Crimson Hotel, Filinvest City.

Very late post indeed. :p Anyway my prom kind of disappointed me. There are several reasons why.

  1. My prom dress was so expensive and it wasn’t even worth its price.
  2. My brother was my prom date. It’s okay. But it’s prom, so I wanted to have a real date.
  3. My make-up. They said my make-up was fine, but I kinda didn’t like it.(arte!) My sister did my hair and make-up.
  4. Program. Boring.
  5. Music. I made a playlist for our prom and they didn’t use it. The sound-crew didn’t play good music during the dance segment. When I requested to play SHM’s Don’t You Worry Child then when I turned around, no one was on the dance floor. The peeps obviously didn’t know how to party….
  6. Service. I wish Gordon Ramsay was there.

All the disappointments aside, I did have a tad bit of fun with my friends at the photobooth!


With my favorite people


With the prom princess, my good friend, Raven.


The very quiet Table 3


I’m such a fatty. Working on losing weight this summer!





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