So  these past few weeks, we’ve been bonding with our relatives because first, two of my cousins are graduating, and my uncle just had his birthday. We’re really close to each other and we always have a good time. So I just wanna share with y’all my famiLEE. 🙂

Kat, my sister and Bea, my cousin.Image

We were talking about College. She’s Angela (or Francine), my cousin. She’s an incoming college freshman and she took the exam in DLSU, ADMU, and UP and she passed them all! She’s a genius okay. She’s going to take the toughest course in UP which is BS Administration&Accountancy. I’m so proud of her. Haha 🙂 Image

Alli, my youngest cousin, all dressed up like the Barden Bellas _MG_1445

Ashley&Ge Jin_MG_1453 _MG_1472 _MG_1477 _MG_1484 _MG_1498 _MG_1499 _MG_1507

Squished face with ate Max_MG_1522 _MG_1542

Endorsers of Jamba Juice?_MG_1572 IMG_1462

That day ended quickly. So we’re off to tito Bok’s birthday after 2 days, I think? I just wanna feature my pretty siblings. _MG_1646

Kuya Mac_MG_1655

Ge Jin

_MG_1658 _MG_1662

Ate Max_MG_1663

Mom and tito Bok_MG_1665

Birthday ‘boy’. Hey couz. (Naks, bagets)_MG_1668 _MG_1671

Bored apa_MG_1674

Jamming_MG_1687 _MG_1695 _MG_1696

Tumblr girls? Sadako maybe_MG_1734

Death stare, Bea_MG_1748

Tres Marias_MG_1759 _MG_1760 _MG_1761 _MG_1767 _MG_1776 _MG_1777 _MG_1782

Perfect Pic ender_MG_1786


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