Incoming Senior

Summer’s nearly ending and I haven’t done the things I wanted to should  do. I have been doing very unhealthy things right after my trip to Korea. Yes I went to Korea for 2 weeks with my sister. I’ll blog about that real soon. I have been stuck at home and here’s the list of things I should to:

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Cook my own healthy food
  3. Finish Game Of Thrones book and start reading classics
  4. Read Reviewers
  5. Make the most out of my day

I am disappointed at myself. I haven’t done any of these. I feel as if I’m in the situation of Frodo bringing the ring to Mordor which is me doing my supposed tasks. I feel so drawn to this computer. Haha. You guys ever feel that? I can’t help it. Youtube, Sims, tumblr.. All the distractions are there. Uggghh.

The other day I tried to do a no-computer-day. Guess what? Didn’t work out. I guess I’m not motivated.. Someone help me. Haha! I’ll try to really resist all the temptations.

Moving on to real life ahead of me, my Senior year is very near. Our first day of school is on June 6. I think we’re the earliest school to start. Haha kidding. But that’s too early for me, really.

So this Senior year I really plan to get my shit together. College is also really near and passing that ACET is literally the biggest goal for me yet. I need to have a lot of  activities and good grades going and that’s a challenge for me because I’m not the ‘extra-curricular grabber’ type of student. I pretty much didn’t care about those until I had a look at Ateneo’s application form. Man, they love co-curriculars.. And also I’m not the studying type of student. But I’m going to change and I will take this seriously. I have 3 months to absorb the knowledge I need. I need to be on track because if I fail to do this then I will probably fail my ACET.

So that’s it. Wish me luck for my last year in highschool and wish me luck for the CETs.

P.S. Obsessed with Tom Hiddleston at the moment


4 thoughts on “Incoming Senior

  1. get focused. you make your life. no one else will do those things for you. it’s all about defeating yourself. read about motivations from famous this one: — success is just about moving…if you don’t move – there’s nothing, no activity..dull..things keep piling up til you don’t accomplish a thing. TIME WASTING IS LAME. BE GOAL ORIENTED. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU MANEUVER YOUR LIFE . Don’t forget to TRUST GOD.

    1. My first gift for your birthday today is a prayer that God will grant your earnest desire to pass ACET. I believe you can make it. Your Dad’s favor is upon you:)

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