Korea – Part 2 (Gyeongju)

Part 2!!!! This is my favorite because I absolutely loved the province. Every place we go is just breathtaking! Alright I’m so excited to share this.

Woke up at 6AM. Rode the KTX(bullet train) at 8AM. 2 hours later, we arrived at Gyeongju province.

(Seoul Station)


(Gyeongju) Beautiful. We were literally surrounded with mountains. If you turn 360 degrees all you see are mountains.


The bullet train we rode runs 300Km/h. It was really nice inside. It’s my first time to ride a train like that. Just like riding a plane, only it’s more comfortable.

This is the port or the station in Gyeongju. We rented a taxi to go around at all the tourist spots.

_MG_2998 _MG_3002


The first place we went to is the Royal Tomb of King Taejong Muyeol. At first I thought they just had a lot of small hills around the place but that hill is a tomb.

_MG_3009 _MG_3010


Next stop: Tomb of General Kim Yu-Sin

IMG_3016 IMG_3018 IMG_3021 IMG_3025






Next: Seokguram – the most famous landmark in Gyeongju


Walking up to the grotto that houses a buddha structure that was built in the year 751. Taking pictures aren’t allowed inside the grotto. We stayed for a good 5mins. There were buddhists who were bowing and chanting to the Buddha. There was an air of serenity inside. It was really beautiful.

_MG_3060 _MG_3062 _MG_3068 _MG_3076 IMG_3053 IMG_3045

The Great Bell for Unification. We struck this huge bell three times.

_MG_3082 IMG_3079 _MG_3090 _MG_3087



_MG_3103 _MG_3106 _MG_3115 _MG_3117

This pagoda is called the Dabotap. There’s another pagoda called Seokgatap near it but it’s being reconstructed/fixed. Behind the pagoda is the Great Enlightenment Hall which houses a huge Buddha made out of gold. Again, no picture taking..



Poseokjeongji. Small remains of the Royal Silla Dynasty Villa.



Cheomseongdae Observatory. The oldest observatory in East Asia.

_MG_3139 _MG_3141 _MG_3144 _MG_3146 _MG_3147


Last! I’m not sure if this is the Gyerim Forest but it was a really nice forest with lots of pine trees and maple trees.


My dad told us to do this pose. Funny! Ignore the wet patch on my jacket.


The tombs were a pair nature mammaries.


First time to see a squirrel jumping around.

IMG_9853 IMG_9861 IMG_9862


Amazing how we went to so many places and we finished at 5PM. We went back to Gyeongju station. We bought dried persimmons. They are the bomb. I regret not buying enough to bring home.



And here I am waiting for the bullet train. Again, my dad did this. Hahaha! My dad is not the photo op type of person except in Korea. He’s so patriotic and nationalistic in a lot of ways. We saw his other side that we’ve never seen before. He’s an awesome dad.



Here we are off to my dad’s friend’s house to spend the night there and then the next day we went to Kangwon province. I was planning to put that in this post too but I don’t want this post to be super long and that’s another great adventure. I’ll be posting it tomorrow.


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