Korea – Part 4 (Everland)

After my 5-day trip to the province with my dad, he planned for us to go to Everland with my 2nd cousin. Well that was surprising because we didn’t really plan to go there. Also, this 2nd cousin of ours is just off with appropriateness.

RANT: My sister and I was just culture-shocked with this guy. I completely want  to forget about him but here I am about to blog with pictures and he’s included in it, great. So why am I annoyed with him? 1. He’s so f-ing immature. He’s 23 and my 10 y.o. brother is more mature than him maybe it’s because 2. He hasn’t gone to college and he has no job maybe because 3. He’s really stupid and all he cares about is going to clubs. Yes he always tells us that he goes to clubs like he’s bragging about it. Puh lease!! 4. He can’t speak proper english and then he freaks out when he can’t say what he wants to say 5. Just really inappropriate. Of course our Everland trip is all covered by us but this guy doesn’t have a single idea on how to handle these matters. He contradicts us on what we want to buy, he points at things he wants us to buy FOR HIM. The F! It’s our money let us handle this. 6. Lastly, his face. His attire and his face. I can’t even bear to look at him in our pictures for 5 seconds. Call me mean but I really had a hard time with this guy. If ever we go to Korea again I would never dare see him again. Besides, he’s our 2nd cousin, or third, or whatever. Only the first cousins matter. BTW, all my first cousins are perfectly normal and they are so nice! I told my rant to my parents already. My mom was just laughing on my meanness. OKAY. Moving on.

We didn’t go to Everland the next day. We went first to Sinchang, to my aunt and my cousin. It’s a very far place from us. We are from Juan and we went all the way to Sinchang at the end. It took us 3 hours by subway to go there.

1 subway


We were rushing and we forgot to bring a camera. *Facepalm* Anyway, I had my phone with me. So we met out aunt and our cousin. Took a stolen shot of them. Hihi. It’s my first time to see them. Her brother wasn’t there though. We went to a cathedral. You can see more of my pictures from this trip in my instagram. Honestly, we kind of wasted a whole day here. The day after we came, we just stayed at their house the whole day and waited for my aunt to come back from work. We could’ve just left earlier and used our time going around Seoul.



And after that it was the day for Everland. Everland is Korea’s no. 1 theme park. It is famous for its wooden roller coaster which is the world’s steepest roller coaster. We didn’t get to ride it because it was raining but I don’t think I can ride it too. It looks so scary.

Everland was so beautiful with all the flowers. Such a girl.

_MG_3287 _MG_3291 _MG_3293 _MG_3294

Sorry my 2nd cousin doesn’t know how to focus the camera.


We rode the viking.


ME, 2nd cuz, first cousin!, and Kat

_MG_3301 _MG_3302 _MG_3311 _MG_3312_MG_3316 _MG_3317



I was all oohs and aahs. It’s so pretty!!

Meh 😐 Oh look at the wooden roller coaster

_MG_3318 _MG_3320 _MG_3323 _MG_3328 _MG_3330 _MG_3332





I saw Mirana :p Siberian tiger!

_MG_3339 _MG_3341 _MG_3342


And Aslan

_MG_3347 _MG_3348 _MG_3353


I just love tigers.



First time to see a bear in real life.

_MG_3369 _MG_3377 _MG_3378

IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0202 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 IMG_0210 IMG_0216 IMG_0219 IMG_0220


Hate the rain. Poncho life.


Then we went to see an animal show. Actually we just rode the viking, a roller coaster, cable car, and a spinning swinging ride. There wasn’t much rides to ride because the others were too intense for me! It was okay. But the after part wasn’t.

RANT: Our 2nd cousin drove us and when we were about to go home, we didn’t know he’s taking us to Seoul Tower. But we already went there before. It was late when I realized he drove us there. He didn’t even tell us beforehand. So we were at the parking and I told him that we already went there. Then he was freaking out! I was telling him to calm down and just drive us home to Incheon. I was so pissed and weirded out by him. Seoul Tower is really far from Incheon. Then when we finally reached home, I was itching to just go inside and get it over with but he went out of the car too and asked me for money for the gas in a very impolite way. Wow couldn’t he be any more pleasing. I don’t know maybe it was just me but he was to only person I met in Korea that annoyed me that much. He was the only person who we had a problem with. He’s 23 and he needs an f-ing job.


My next blog post will be the last part of my Korea trip posts. Can’t write a decent concluding message because I was mad writing my rant. Bye.


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