Album Haul

I’ve been seeing and hearing about the CD sale at Universal Tower in QC. Cheap original music. What is better than that? I decided to go since there was an extension of the sale. I went with my close friend Joyce. We commuted all the way to Quezon Ave. It was really hard for us to find the building. We walked around for about an hour. It was tiring but it’s worth it.


Here’s what we got.


All of these costed us no more than a thousand bucks!

From what I know, the sale is held annually during May. I will definitely come back next year.

We just hung out at my brother’s place for a bit then we went home with him.

IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849  IMG_0854 IMG_0855

Joyce this is my favorite pic. You’re so sexxaaaayyy!!! I hope you don’t mind me posting this ;p



Fat kid food 😦

IMG_0843 IMG_0846




Catch Up

I have been catching up with my journal which is on a notebook when I should be catching up on this blog.

June was actually a long month for me. I don’t exactly know why but it just seems like a long time to me. I haven’t been out with friends. I was kinda being a homebody. Well truth is I’m really saving whatever I receive. I don’t get my daily allowance like I usually do because I had an informal agreement with my mom that I won’t get any allowance and then she’ll buy me a ticket to The XX’s  concert. 

Speaking of… I’m going alone. I don’t really know some close friends who like The XX or is a fan. This is gonna be a new experience for me. I’m excited!

Moving on to the school life which is where my life centers I am not happy with it. My grades are okay except for Math.. I think. But my social life is way behind me. Socializing faded in my interests. I feel like I don’t wanna try. Meanwhile it gives me problems. I am aware that some of my friends read my blog and it’s kind of weird at the moment. So..

I am having a problem with this friend of mine which I am dealing alone or with another friend. She doesn’t know she’s REALLY troubling me but deep inside I am.. troubled/annoyed. How can she know if she’s so insensitive and doesn’t seem to give a shit about the world. She doesn’t know she crossed the line and she doesn’t know that my impression about her totally changed a hundred and eighty degrees. I mentally unfriended her. 

Ok that’s actually social life, not school life. So the real deal is Ateneo. It’s 2 months away and I’m imagining what’ll happen to me if I passed or not. I’m so scared for this. In 2 months I will be answering a test paper that will define my future. I have all the motivation around me. All I need to do is to eliminate all the distractions.