Catch Up

I have been catching up with my journal which is on a notebook when I should be catching up on this blog.

June was actually a long month for me. I don’t exactly know why but it just seems like a long time to me. I haven’t been out with friends. I was kinda being a homebody. Well truth is I’m really saving whatever I receive. I don’t get my daily allowance like I usually do because I had an informal agreement with my mom that I won’t get any allowance and then she’ll buy me a ticket to The XX’s  concert. 

Speaking of… I’m going alone. I don’t really know some close friends who like The XX or is a fan. This is gonna be a new experience for me. I’m excited!

Moving on to the school life which is where my life centers I am not happy with it. My grades are okay except for Math.. I think. But my social life is way behind me. Socializing faded in my interests. I feel like I don’t wanna try. Meanwhile it gives me problems. I am aware that some of my friends read my blog and it’s kind of weird at the moment. So..

I am having a problem with this friend of mine which I am dealing alone or with another friend. She doesn’t know she’s REALLY troubling me but deep inside I am.. troubled/annoyed. How can she know if she’s so insensitive and doesn’t seem to give a shit about the world. She doesn’t know she crossed the line and she doesn’t know that my impression about her totally changed a hundred and eighty degrees. I mentally unfriended her. 

Ok that’s actually social life, not school life. So the real deal is Ateneo. It’s 2 months away and I’m imagining what’ll happen to me if I passed or not. I’m so scared for this. In 2 months I will be answering a test paper that will define my future. I have all the motivation around me. All I need to do is to eliminate all the distractions. 



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