FInding the purpose

It’s 9 55 PM and I’ve just finished making boxes for my gifts and for people’s orders. These dozens and dozens of boxes are for food gifts. I’m making food gifts for Christmas and I’m also selling food gifts. It has been tiring!

So it is finally the Christmas break. I have been waiting for this for so long. Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year. It’s just perfect. Cold weather, hot chocolate, relaxing vibes, gifts, lots of eating, lots of drinking (?). You get the picture. 

After all the stress in school, this is more than anything I could wish for. I haven’t been sleeping much because our 3rd quarter in school was forcefully crammed to fit before 2014. We took our Periodical Exams this week and the quarter is finally over. Next year, it’ll be new again. 


So I was pretty disappointed on how my blog is turning out to be. If I had existential crisis in my life before, my blog is experiencing its own now. I took some time to ponder on the purpose of this blog.. Why did I create a blog? Does this blog benefit me or the society? Is this important? Why am I not active in blogging then?

Let us clear the cloud over here. ((Answering my own questions)) Here are the reasons why I created a blog:

  1. I felt the need to express myself more truthfully and my opinions. I felt like no one really understands. I’m part-introvert and I like to vent it out here.
  2. I wanted to have a little community with my readers 
  3. I wanted to be known as the blogger
  4. I thought blogging was pretty cool
  5. To practice my writing skills
  6. To share my interests and to let people know about the stuff I’m into
  7. To do something on my spare time.

Some of those are still applicable to my blogging purpose today but the real purpose of this blog is for me to document or write down my adventures in life, little or big, that it may remind me of my achievements, things that made me happy, or sad, or mad, as long as it’s noteworthy. Why not keep a pen and paper journal then? Who knows what I may do or say that can inspire others or help them relate with me. I think that is a good enough reason to keep on updating this blog. I’m not making any promises on what this blog is going to be… Maybe a food blog? Let it be




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