My visual creativity is running low… I’m starting to question my new ventures in the realm of video blogging. Jeez! I was so chill, I didn’t even think about blogging or anything about this trip. (Yes, I just packed my bags and left) I think the iPhone5 is doing a good job on the photos but my videos lack the cool umph that I want. I can’t seem to put things in a clear perspective and produce an output that has an identity. I’m not lazy about it, I’m just lost. I’m constantly reassuring myself that it’s okay since I’m just starting and I have room for improvement. Luckily, someone’s bringing our family’s SLR, so I’m bound to have better output! I’m also going to think things through, have a proper vision in mind of how I want things to be.

Speaking of bad output, here’s my 2nd vlog. I can’t even remember how that video goes but I know that it sucked. While I was editing on Windows movie maker (kill me), my files went bonkers on me and I had to delete several footages. Meh. Last night though, I think I crafted a better video for my 3rd Vlog.

My third vlog featured Changdeokgung (Palace) and a few establishments along the infamous Insadong street. As you have guessed, I wandered alone. It was great. I’m quite used to going around alone, even in the Philippines. (I lack adventurous & spontaneous friends 😟)

How to go to Changdeokgung: Anguk Station exit 3, walk straight ahead

This filter from VscoCam is officially my Palace filter. It looks so badass, no?
I’m imagining Beatrix Kiddo will appear with a katana.
The bridge I was standing on was built in the 15th century


Changdeokgung was okay. I like Gyeongbokgung better because it’s more vast and I like the gardens and Pavilions around it. I went to the Gyeongbok palace last year with my dad and sister. I think it’s on my blog somewhere. I’ll probably go there again, sometime. in Changdeokgung, I went around on my own because I wasn’t feeling earnest to listen to tour guides. There was a separate “Secret garden” tour beside Changdeokgung but I didn’t want to wait for an hour, so I went to Insadong instead.

Anguk station art

First stop in Insadong is Osulloc (어 설록). A tea shop with a café on the 2nd floor.

Wide selection of Jeju teas.


Insane. I wonder how it is. I didn’t buy it though…
They have a wide array of teas. All beautifully packed.

Green tea tiramisu
Green tea frappe/milkshake with soft serve

I had a beautiful time at Osulloc. I bought a Cherry Blossom box of tea. The green tea tiramisu did not please. The cream part was bland and that didn’t go well with the bitter matcha powder on top. The green tea frappe was as glorious at it looks. It was smooth like a milkshake. The ice cream was on point with matcha flavor.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Next stop was Beautiful Tea Museum (아름다운 차  박물관) 


tea rice cake

I chose the Beautiful Tea Museum as one of my stops because I wanted to try some traditional Korea tea. I thought that the place would be a little intimidating but all my expectations were taken over. It was the perfect place for tranquility and calm happiness. The place was quiet, it was well-lit with natural light, and it was very minimalistic. The place resembles a Korean courtyard, bedecked with wooden tables and chairs.

Afterwards, I had nothing else to do. I looked at my map and spotted an art museum with a view. Every floor had different exhibits.

These were my favorites:

cute couple, please stay where you are
not tissue paper





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