Food Diary―Korea


Food Diary! This is just a photo-filled post of food I’ve eaten. WTF, RIGHT? Anyway there are short reviews on each food. I thought it’d be nice to do something with all the pictures I’ve taken over the past months. This also serves as a reference for things I will never eat again, or things that I should definitely make or try again.

During my exile in Korea (May-August 2015)

First up: food I cooked at my dorm.


This was my go-to quick lunch or dinner. Basically the pasta sauce is just garlic, olives, capers, tomatoes (either canned or fresh cherries). I couldn’t find any canned anchovies, but it was still really good. Chicken breast was pan-seared, covered in an herb mix I got from the grocery.

Made-up tomato-egg dish + Yoghurt, nutz, and berries

Made up egg dish + yoghurt and berries 

This is how I make my scrambled eggs: Put eggs in a hot pan, stir around without breaking the yolk.

Soft-boiled egg on toast
Cherry tomato pasta
Kamote + Spam

This quickly became boring

Crammed homework + Omelette and Toast and Maxim Cawffee
Sesame-dressed salad, Chicken, cheese strings. A+
Spamwich. A+

My breakfasts



yoghurt and fruit. YES.

eating ramen and mandu is one of the most satisfying things but you’re gonna feel really fat afterwards

On to the food I didn’t cook/make.

Donkatsu. Each one is worth P200 only so A+

Samgyetang / Ginseng Chicken. Delicious, hearty wow o wow. Koreans usually eat this in the summer because the ginseng gives you energy. But I could eat this hot bowl of slow-cooked chicken all year round. That’s rice, jujubes, ginseng, and garlic inside the chicken. It’s stuffed there to cook along with the chicken so obvs the flavor is MAXIMUM.

This is tteokbokki. Rice cake, fish cake, noodles cooked in a spicy sauce. After eating most of the ingredients, there would be sauce left and that’s meant to be mixed with rice afterwards. So yes, it’s a carb overload, but it’s very delicious.IMG_5592This is naengmyeon with fried dumplings. Naengmyeon is delicious but don’t get them in Han’s deli like I did. Go to Korean restaurants for this. It’s a cold noodle dish with a kimchi + vinegary soup base.IMG_5411This is Soondubuchiggae / Soft tofu stew. Beside is Kimchi and Meat, forgot if it was beef or pork. Soft tofu stew is my favorite but this specific place didn’t deliver.IMG_6345This is bulgogi (most left) Everything else on the right comes with it. That’s dwaenjangchiggae (Fermented bean paste stew) and delicious side dishes!! This is one of the best meals I had in Korea. ❤

This is Jokbal from a jokbal place in Hongdae. This was absolutely delicious. Everything from the starter soup to the salad to the main pork dish. That’s really soft and tasty pork. The best part was eating the skin and tendons off the knuckles.

Korean fried chicken from Way Side Chicken and Mymy Chicken. Ok, Korean Fried Chicken is as Korean as any of their other food. I ate ‘KFC’ at least once a week… or more. My favorite is Kyochon’s spicy fried chicken.

music festival food. That was the spiciest tteokbokki of my life.

and others

First row, store-bougt cookie 😦 better than I expected. Second row, my chocolate milk birthday cake and a chocolate and creamcheese bread from Paris Baguette (!!!). Third row, things that failed me. That’s geranppang (egg bread) which would’ve been great if the yolk was runny. The rest are just treats. :–)

Macaron Ice cream from the store. And Fish pancake with vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and matcha powder (!!!!). I got mine in Myeongdong but it’s a street stall which is a thing all over Seoul.

Genmaicha green tea. It tasted like the earth. Ossulloc is a beautiful tea shop with branches across Korea. Their store has the perfect, non-intimidating ambience.

Churros and Ice cream. Sobok Healthy ice cream. It’s a soy bean ice cream. The place is very normcore. Must go. I wish I tried their whole menu tho. It’s a bit pricy but worth it.

Paik’s coffee everyday.

That’s it for Korea. There would be more from the Philippinesssssss! If you have any questions or any feels, just let it out in the comments box. ^_^~


Catch Up

I have been catching up with my journal which is on a notebook when I should be catching up on this blog.

June was actually a long month for me. I don’t exactly know why but it just seems like a long time to me. I haven’t been out with friends. I was kinda being a homebody. Well truth is I’m really saving whatever I receive. I don’t get my daily allowance like I usually do because I had an informal agreement with my mom that I won’t get any allowance and then she’ll buy me a ticket to The XX’s  concert. 

Speaking of… I’m going alone. I don’t really know some close friends who like The XX or is a fan. This is gonna be a new experience for me. I’m excited!

Moving on to the school life which is where my life centers I am not happy with it. My grades are okay except for Math.. I think. But my social life is way behind me. Socializing faded in my interests. I feel like I don’t wanna try. Meanwhile it gives me problems. I am aware that some of my friends read my blog and it’s kind of weird at the moment. So..

I am having a problem with this friend of mine which I am dealing alone or with another friend. She doesn’t know she’s REALLY troubling me but deep inside I am.. troubled/annoyed. How can she know if she’s so insensitive and doesn’t seem to give a shit about the world. She doesn’t know she crossed the line and she doesn’t know that my impression about her totally changed a hundred and eighty degrees. I mentally unfriended her. 

Ok that’s actually social life, not school life. So the real deal is Ateneo. It’s 2 months away and I’m imagining what’ll happen to me if I passed or not. I’m so scared for this. In 2 months I will be answering a test paper that will define my future. I have all the motivation around me. All I need to do is to eliminate all the distractions. 


Incoming Senior

Summer’s nearly ending and I haven’t done the things I wanted to should  do. I have been doing very unhealthy things right after my trip to Korea. Yes I went to Korea for 2 weeks with my sister. I’ll blog about that real soon. I have been stuck at home and here’s the list of things I should to:

  1. Blog regularly
  2. Cook my own healthy food
  3. Finish Game Of Thrones book and start reading classics
  4. Read Reviewers
  5. Make the most out of my day

I am disappointed at myself. I haven’t done any of these. I feel as if I’m in the situation of Frodo bringing the ring to Mordor which is me doing my supposed tasks. I feel so drawn to this computer. Haha. You guys ever feel that? I can’t help it. Youtube, Sims, tumblr.. All the distractions are there. Uggghh.

The other day I tried to do a no-computer-day. Guess what? Didn’t work out. I guess I’m not motivated.. Someone help me. Haha! I’ll try to really resist all the temptations.

Moving on to real life ahead of me, my Senior year is very near. Our first day of school is on June 6. I think we’re the earliest school to start. Haha kidding. But that’s too early for me, really.

So this Senior year I really plan to get my shit together. College is also really near and passing that ACET is literally the biggest goal for me yet. I need to have a lot of  activities and good grades going and that’s a challenge for me because I’m not the ‘extra-curricular grabber’ type of student. I pretty much didn’t care about those until I had a look at Ateneo’s application form. Man, they love co-curriculars.. And also I’m not the studying type of student. But I’m going to change and I will take this seriously. I have 3 months to absorb the knowledge I need. I need to be on track because if I fail to do this then I will probably fail my ACET.

So that’s it. Wish me luck for my last year in highschool and wish me luck for the CETs.

P.S. Obsessed with Tom Hiddleston at the moment

Tonight, I’m letting it out. The unsure feelings suddenly became clear and I knew what was actually happening. I’ve always been considering the what ifs. Yeah, because I don’t want to judge my friends. Because I love them. And you don’t judge people you love. You shouldn’t judge anyone. But sometimes, or most of the time we ignore our instincts. We tend to doubt our judgement which is sometimes obviously true.

Having trouble with friendship or having a failed friendship is one of the biggest problems I can face. I’m a teen. It’s normal. And it’s so hard to go through.

Our english teacher made us read essays which helped me in the process of realizing some things. Whistle by Benjamin Franklin and The Decay of Friendship by Samuel Johnson. Look it up.
In the essay Whistle, it talked about “paying too much for the whistle” which means giving too much for something not worth it. When does it become unworthy? I think it becomes unworthy when you give something valuable like your time, or presence and then you don’t get anything back. Not even happiness or appreciation.
In the essay The Decay of Friendship, it talked about the causes of decay of friendship. There are innumerable causes but Samuel Johnson told about 5 causes which I can really relate to; long absence, not met expectations, opposition of interests, suspicion, and gradual decay of friendship.

I have talked about my problem to some of my closest friends. Friends who are truly there for me. Friends who I didn’t doubt. One friend of mine actually related to my situation as she was also experiencing the same problem. Yay I’m not alone.

Have you ever gave so much effort for a friend and it all went to waste? Like traveling really far just to see a friend and the meeting didn’t happen or the meeting didn’t turn out well, like it was boring or something.
Have you ever felt confused if what she’s saying is really true because words are so convincing but where’s the action? Where is the actual thing you wanna see?
Have you ever realized that you’re paying too much for the whistle? You feel ridiculous and you feel tired. Tired of trying and figuring it out.
Because I have. I have done it, felt it, realized it. Okay maybe I just think it is but it really isn’t. I don’t care anymore. I just let it be. Leave it be. Because just thinking that it’s there and believing it’s there is not enough. If you don’t feel it and if you feel alone, I think it’s just right to be sad and all dramatic about it.

I hope I get through this shit.
Someone save me

3-Ehrentrudis S.Y. 2012-2013

I have once again abandoned my blog. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t blog because I’m lazy, but inside, I really want to blog. Haha!

It’s March and the end of my Junior year will be over soon. I have spent my school year 2012-2013 with my class 3-St. Ehrentrudis in SSCW. I have to say that even though most of the time I’m complaining to myself about some people in my class I still enjoyed being with them.

If I were to describe them I’ll say they’re weird, moody, smart, dramatic, autistic, boring, fun, loud, they have stinging words at times (hindi nyo lang alam ang sakit na ng sinasabi nyo, haha!), accepting, helpful, ok that’s all. Very Elementary, Malja.

To my friends/close friends, Kat R., Puj, Shaira, Jaja, CJ, Chiara, Trishia, Nery, Kathy, Ger, Danah, Dani, Cla, & more, thanks to every bit.

Even though I seldom talk to my classmates, there is an experience in every small talk. I’m sorry if I wasn’t careful with my words or actions and I might’ve offended you.

I enjoyed all the play practices even though very little of us attend. Haha!

Our school year 2012-2013 will end on March 20 something. Our prom will be today, March 9 at the Crimson Hotel. I’ll be posting pictures. 🙂