Korea – Part 5

In our last few days in Korea we finally got to do what we want. SHOPPING.

We were so involved in shopping we didn’t get to take pictures on every place. First stop is Yeungdeungpo station. We went to Times Square mall which was so cool. It had 9 stories or more. I wanted to try the food at the first floor. They all look so appetizing but my sister’s being a KJ.

Next stop is Yongsan station to check out the Yongsan Electronics Market. It was marvelous. Yeah that’s the word for it because it’s literally overflowing with gadgets.

Next is Myeongdong! My favorite! Regretting that we didn’t go around too much because we spent too much time eating and relaxing. 😦

IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0243 IMG_0247

Next stop is Dongdaemun. I was kind of puzzled. We only went to 1 mall. I can’t seem to find the mall we’re looking for so that’s sad for us. After that, we went home already. SO much regrets. Next time I travel, I’ll plan my itinerary carefully and properly so we won’t waste any more time.

The next day we planned to go to  a lot of places and we even thought of going back to Myeongdong BUT our plan was ruined-ish. My grandmother took us to a park and we roamed around for FOUR freaking hours well she’s our grandma, we can’t really do anything.. I kinda enjoyed walking around but we could’ve done more productive things.

This park is a really nice place to just chill. It’s so huge.

IMG_0264 IMG_0266 IMG_0286 IMG_0289 IMG_0295 IMG_0300

Our grandma being a kid. So cute!

IMG_0301 IMG_0307 IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0312IMG_8694 IMG_8696IMG_0316 IMG_0319 IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0325 IMG_0330 IMG_0333 IMG_0337 - Copy IMG_0256 IMG_0261 IMG_0263 IMG_0254

Bought my first pair of Doc Martens in Korea. I thought my aunt bought me the black one but this came on our doorstep. I realized something.. It looks like a clown’s boots with the red laces.


After the park, we went all the way to Gangnam station to check out Gangnam (duh). It looks like a cleaner Makati. We lack thrift shop skills. We failed to look for a shopping place.

IMG_0349 - Copy

We had lunch then we went to Samseong station for COEX Mall. It still has a lot of vacant places for stores so we just basically went around. It’s a huge mall. I found the Doc Martens shop and I bought new laces for my boots. Looks a lot better in black. Whatcha think?


I also found Nemo and Dory

IMG_0362 IMG_0360

So there, our day ended quickly. We didn’t go to all the places I listed because we wasted so much time in the park and after COEX we were dead tired.

The next day was a Sunday. WWe went to a Korean church in Socheo-gu in Gangnam. Little did I know I was going to meet my cousins and aunt too. I haven’t seen them for exactly a decade and my spirits lifted when I saw them. By the way I didn’t understand anything from the mass aside from “God” and “Jesus” and “Amen”.

After church we went to Seoul Arts Center with Yuri, our cousin and with our aunt.

IMG_0380 IMG_0384 IMG_0390 IMG_0391 IMG_0398 IMG_0402 IMG_0407 IMG_0416 IMG_0419 IMG_0444 IMG_0447 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0452

After that we spent the whole afternoon til sunset at the Hanggang Park. We had a great picnic. It’s such a cool park. Everyone’s just laying in their tents and on their mats, eating.


We had 4 boxes of fried chicken a.k.a LOVE

IMG_8785IMG_0494 IMG_0504 IMG_0507 IMG_0513 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0522 IMG_0540 IMG_0543

Like grandma like granddaughter

IMG_0565 IMG_0567 IMG_0570 IMG_0578

That’s my cousin Dongyong. Seriously shocked at how big he is now. The last time I saw him he was still a little crying child 10 years ago.

IMG_0579 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0602 IMG_0608 IMG_0610 IMG_0616

This cutie!IMG_0631 IMG_0633

Kat and Yuri looking homeless


What we were waiting for. The beautiful fountain. Thumbs down to low quality pictures.

IMG_0659 IMG_0670 IMG_0672 IMG_0674

Miss my cousins!


The next day we went all the way to Children’s Grand Park station to see my aunts in Sejong University. They work there. While my aunts were all busy we went around Children Grand’s Park. We finally felt the harsh heat of the sun

_MG_3397 _MG_3400 _MG_3404 _MG_3408 _MG_3414 _MG_3415 _MG_3428 _MG_3431 _MG_3434 _MG_3437 _MG_3444 _MG_3445 _MG_3451 _MG_3485 _MG_3487 _MG_3488 _MG_3490 _MG_3499


Back at Sejong University writing down on my travel journal



That night we had our last dinner in Korea with my aunt. We had Samgyeopsal (pork belly), Galbi (pork rib), and pork skin. Yum!

_MG_3514 _MG_3515 _MG_3516 _MG_3517 _MG_3519


ON OUR LAST DAY. We went to Garosugil. Such a cute cozy shopping place! If we had more time I would shop here all day. BUT we don’t. There were galleries on little aisles too. Fun and chill place.

_MG_3520 _MG_3550


At a cafe. Need a wifi break

IMG_3521 IMG_3522 IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530

Happy to see Cara

IMG_3535 IMG_3539 IMG_3540 IMG_3549


Hurrying to Insadong. REALLY no time left. We just went around Insadong to buy some last minute gifts. I badly wanted to go to Changdeokgung Palace which was just around the corner but we had no time left. 😦

AWESOME ART. Would love to do this on my wall

_MG_3555 _MG_3556 _MG_3558 _MG_3559 _MG_3570 _MG_3572 _MG_3573 _MG_3575 _MG_3578 _MG_3583 _MG_3587 _MG_3589


SERIOUSLY RUSHED HOME. We were so far from home so we had to run. Then we still had to fix our luggages.

With halmoni and apa’s cousin. Look closely at the NOEYES people

_MG_3591 _MG_3592 _MG_3593



Heading to Incheon International Airport



RUSHING RUSHING. Didn’t get to take a pic of the airport.

SO when we got to the check-in we had a problem with my passing. MY sister’s cleared and all but I wasn’t. See, my Filipino passport was expired and I used my Korean passport but the clerk was still asking for another document as a proof. I didn’t have any aside from my plane ticket. I wouldn’t be having a problem if the embassy stamped my passport upon arriving in Korea but they didn’t. How stupid. Luckily another guy clerk helped me through it all. It was so tiring. We were going up and down the airport. Doing this and that. Yada yada.

TIRED and ready to fly.

_MG_3602 _MG_3604 _MG_3609 _MG_3614 _MG_3615 _MG_3616

I look like an ice cream here and I am seriously bothered at how weird-looking my eyes are. It’s like my right eye is Filipino and my left eye is Korean. It’s so weird. And most of the time I look weird in pictures because of my eyes. Don’t wanna get an eye surgery though!


Creeper face




The whole trip was a collection of ups and downs. A lot of unexpected things happened. I had my bad experiences and I also had my good ones. One thing I can say is I’ve learned a lot of things from this trip. Things that aren’t taught in school. Things taught only by experience.

Looking forward to my next visit!

Anyeong! 🙂



Korea – Part 3 (Gangwon-do)

This is the last 2 days with apa in our adventure. Here, we explore the beautiful Gangwon province.

After Gyeongju, we slept at my dad’s friend’s house. The next day, we travel with them. They are a couple who loves having adventures on mountain ridges and great places of Korea. These days we haven’t been sleeping enough. We always wake up early. This time we woke up at 3AM. Plus I’m having an issue with my iPhone charger. It’s kind of broken inside. I need to plug and unplug many times til the charging icon appears. It’s because of my adapter, it’s loose on the outlet. I wasn’t briefed that the outlet would be different. Haha! Anyway this is about the adventure not the wifi.

We had a 2-hour drive from Suwon to Gangwon province. The first place we went to is a mountain. I don’t know the name of the mountain. It’s just a random mountain, I think. I was amazed at the sight of it. It’s in my bucket list to see a foggy mountain in real life and it was there right in front of me. Surrounding me.

IMG_9882 IMG_9931 IMG_9900 IMG_9886 IMG_9885 IMG_9883 IMG_9895 IMG_9901 IMG_9889 IMG_9910 IMG_9911 IMG_3152

We walked and walked until we saw this long sign blocking the way that tells us not to pass because we are not allowed to get something, I forgot, something like food or a produce that can be found the further we go. So we had to turn around. I was always behind them taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. They had no idea how awed I was inside. I was just using Canon G11 here. Everyone deserves to see this live.

This is the Skywalk

IMG_9954 IMG_9969

I have to say it’s pricey for the short moment you have here. It wasn’t long but I think it’s pretty worth it. Look at that view.


Photo ops by the flowered trees

IMG_9948 IMG_9947


We went to ‘Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike’ to buy our tickets for the rail bike but we had to wait for 2 hours. So while waiting, we had lunch and we went by the waterfalls.

IMG_3157 IMG_3155 IMG_0012 IMG_0019

Cherry blossoms

IMG_8378 IMG_3160 IMG_0023

My dad decided to go down the rocky path to the stream. And he asked me to join. We washed our hands on the ice-cold water.

IMG_3161 IMG_0033 IMG_0037 IMG_0035 IMG_0038

Waited around the rail bike area. This rail is no longer used by trains that’s why they turned it into something useful and profitable.

IMG_0007 IMG_0001 IMG_0073 IMG_0077

Our friends picking vegetables for our dinner. In this province, food is everywhere. You might just be stepping on it.

IMG_0082 IMG_0085 IMG_0086

And so we rode. It took us about 1 hour to finish and at the end, we all rode a cute train.

IMG_0090 IMG_0109 IMG_0114 IMG_0118 IMG_0120

I pedalled for about 90% of the time. Apa just slept and Kat biked for the last few minutes. It was really cold inside the tunnel. It wasn’t tiring. It was relaxing and at the same time pumps you because it’s so fun!

IMG_0121 IMG_0131 IMG_0149 IMG_0159 IMG_0170 IMG_0178 IMG_0186

AWESOME experience. Rail biking was my favorite. While biking, you will pass by a lot of beautiful sceneries. Farm fields, rivers, mountains. Simply breathtaking.

After that, we stayed in a small cottage. It’s a small place yet it’s very expensive and apa said it’s the cheapest because it’s more expensive if it’s seasonal. Whatever, I’m not paying. Hahaha!

So this is our dinner. Various vegetables picked and packed. The beef was so good!


I didn’t bring a lot of clothes on this trip to the province because I don’t want my shoulders to ache from bringing a lot of stuff and I’m using a longchamp shoulder bag. I badly needed a backpack. So we had to reuse some clothes (except under garments, duh). I think it’s okay cause you don’t really sweat in this temperature. Also my keds sneakers has a hole underneath. Really didn’t know what to bring. I just grabbed whatever warms me. Lesson learned. Next time, I know what to bring. (This place had wifi, extra awesome)

This is what I woke up to the next morning.

_MG_3163 _MG_3164 _MG_3166 _MG_3167

We’re now off to Seoraksan. It’s a rock mountain also in Gyeongju but far from this place. Our last destination for this trip to the province.

IMG_3176 _MG_3192IMG_3178

Ice cream sandwich. It’s getting warm.


Very very huge Buddha.


A bit blurry. Dad doesn’t care about the focus.


Look at that rock mountain on the upper left. Beauty.


Walked around for bout an hour while waiting for our cable car.


Aw my dad was just washing his feet. Haha.


So we rode the cable car then climbed the Seoraksan to its peak.

_MG_3206 _MG_3209 _MG_3216 _MG_3224 _MG_3225 _MG_3229 _MG_3231 _MG_3232 _MG_3234

If you fall off then you fall off. Bit scary but it’s super awesome. Be adventurous. It was very windy on top. Extra thrill.

_MG_3238 _MG_3240

Behind him is a mountain with bits of ice.

_MG_3243 _MG_3257 _MG_3259

Going back.


That was it. We had sashimi and seafood by the East Sea then we went home to Incheon. The next day, we went for a quick shop at Namdaemun Market and then we went to Incheon International Airport to bring my dad because he’s going home already. My sister and I stayed longer.

This was in Namdaemun Market. I didn’t buy anything except for food because I can’t find a cheap backpack that I like. Also it’s so weird to shop with my dad.


We rode the Seoul Metro going to Seoul Station then we rode the express subway going to Incheon International Airport. The express subway was so cool and it took us 48 minutes to reach the airport. When we reached the airport I met my dad’s cousin and halmoni(grandmother), and our 2nd cousin who is very annoying. I’ll tell the story on my next blog post–Still in Korea. We went to Everland. And I met all of my Korean cousins I’ve never met before.  

This is the Incheon Bridge. It was very beautiful and I wish I saw during the day but I didn’t get the chance to.


It has been awesome. We were independent and free when dad left us to explore by ourselves. Wait for my next blog post. 🙂


Korea – Part 2 (Gyeongju)

Part 2!!!! This is my favorite because I absolutely loved the province. Every place we go is just breathtaking! Alright I’m so excited to share this.

Woke up at 6AM. Rode the KTX(bullet train) at 8AM. 2 hours later, we arrived at Gyeongju province.

(Seoul Station)


(Gyeongju) Beautiful. We were literally surrounded with mountains. If you turn 360 degrees all you see are mountains.


The bullet train we rode runs 300Km/h. It was really nice inside. It’s my first time to ride a train like that. Just like riding a plane, only it’s more comfortable.

This is the port or the station in Gyeongju. We rented a taxi to go around at all the tourist spots.

_MG_2998 _MG_3002


The first place we went to is the Royal Tomb of King Taejong Muyeol. At first I thought they just had a lot of small hills around the place but that hill is a tomb.

_MG_3009 _MG_3010


Next stop: Tomb of General Kim Yu-Sin

IMG_3016 IMG_3018 IMG_3021 IMG_3025






Next: Seokguram – the most famous landmark in Gyeongju


Walking up to the grotto that houses a buddha structure that was built in the year 751. Taking pictures aren’t allowed inside the grotto. We stayed for a good 5mins. There were buddhists who were bowing and chanting to the Buddha. There was an air of serenity inside. It was really beautiful.

_MG_3060 _MG_3062 _MG_3068 _MG_3076 IMG_3053 IMG_3045

The Great Bell for Unification. We struck this huge bell three times.

_MG_3082 IMG_3079 _MG_3090 _MG_3087



_MG_3103 _MG_3106 _MG_3115 _MG_3117

This pagoda is called the Dabotap. There’s another pagoda called Seokgatap near it but it’s being reconstructed/fixed. Behind the pagoda is the Great Enlightenment Hall which houses a huge Buddha made out of gold. Again, no picture taking..



Poseokjeongji. Small remains of the Royal Silla Dynasty Villa.



Cheomseongdae Observatory. The oldest observatory in East Asia.

_MG_3139 _MG_3141 _MG_3144 _MG_3146 _MG_3147


Last! I’m not sure if this is the Gyerim Forest but it was a really nice forest with lots of pine trees and maple trees.


My dad told us to do this pose. Funny! Ignore the wet patch on my jacket.


The tombs were a pair nature mammaries.


First time to see a squirrel jumping around.

IMG_9853 IMG_9861 IMG_9862


Amazing how we went to so many places and we finished at 5PM. We went back to Gyeongju station. We bought dried persimmons. They are the bomb. I regret not buying enough to bring home.



And here I am waiting for the bullet train. Again, my dad did this. Hahaha! My dad is not the photo op type of person except in Korea. He’s so patriotic and nationalistic in a lot of ways. We saw his other side that we’ve never seen before. He’s an awesome dad.



Here we are off to my dad’s friend’s house to spend the night there and then the next day we went to Kangwon province. I was planning to put that in this post too but I don’t want this post to be super long and that’s another great adventure. I’ll be posting it tomorrow.

Korea – Part 1


Korea – Part 1-2 is my 5-day adventure with my dad and sister in the wonderful land of Korea. 5 days because my dad went home after and we stayed longer.

Before anything else, I’d like to explain something. As I was writing this blog post I have done so much deletions. I was being dramatic on the flow of events that happened in this trip. This kinda sounds serious but it’s not. Okay, I am a teen and I hate it when things don’t go the way I planned it. I hated my outfits in this part 1 so don’t even say like “What is she wearing?” “Malja? I thought you like fashion then what’s this?” Hahaha! I’m kidding. I know you guys won’t judge me. Let’s just say time, climate, and contradicting people became barriers. Ok I’m just gonna tell this story like how I want to.

On the first day, we went out to see Gyeongbokgung Palace, museums, Cheonggyecheon stream, and Namsan Tower.

_MG_2611 _MG_2614 _MG_2616


King Sejong who came up with the Korean alphabet known as Hangul.

_MG_2631_MG_2625 _MG_2621 _MG_2639



This is Gwanghamun, main gate to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

_MG_2644 _MG_2648 _MG_2650


Gyeongbokgung is the first royal palace built in the Joseon Dynasty. It is also the largest out of the 5  Grand Palaces.

Heungnyemun gate.


Kat and apa (dad) off buying our tickets.


A woman wearing a Korean traditional dress called Hanbok. I have one too at home.



This is the interior of the Geunjeongjeon. It is the throne hall of Gyeongbokgung. That wooden throne at the end of the room has gold on it and I’m torn on which throne I would choose. This or the iron throne in Game Of Thrones. I think this one is more comfortable though.



I was amazed at the intricate art and architecture of all the rooms and halls.

_MG_2686 _MG_2687 _MG_2690 _MG_2691 _MG_2694 _MG_2696 _MG_2697


We didn’t need a tour guide because apa knows it all.



Gyeonghoeru (Pavilion) situated on an artificial island in the middle of the lake. Korean architecture.

_MG_2716 _MG_2727


Enjoying the cool climate

_MG_2729 _MG_2749_MG_2734 _MG_2756 _MG_2764 _MG_2768 _MG_2772 _MG_2779

First time to see a maple tree.


_MG_2793 _MG_2796 _MG_2800 _MG_2812 _MG_2815 _MG_2819 _MG_2820

Kat with the Dol hareubang.

_MG_2822 _MG_2829


Jangseung, Korean totem poles.





After that, we went to Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

We wrote our name and the word “Philippines” using the ‘traditional way’ which is how they used pen and paper. It was a brief and awesome experience.

_MG_2835 _MG_2836


We had a long walk by Cheonggyecheon stream. It was beautiful.

_MG_2838 _MG_2842 _MG_2849 _MG_2850 _MG_2858 _MG_2874


The last place we went to on the first day was Namsan Tower. We rode a taxi to the place where we can ride a cable car going to Namsan Tower.

_MG_2883 _MG_2887 _MG_2894 _MG_2902 _MG_2903


The theme of this place is really based on love. There’s a huge heart structure and a very long fence filled with love padlocks. Hearts everywhere.

_MG_2909 _MG_2910


On top of Namsan Tower_MG_2913 _MG_2927 _MG_2932


Distance of Manila from Namsan Tower

IMG_2934IMG_2935 IMG_2937






That was it for the first day. Korea Part- 2 will be posted later. In the part 2, we went to Korea’s provinces. Away from the city and surrounded with mountains.

P.S. At the end of my Korea blog posts, I’ll be posting a video my sister and I made while we’re on tour.


So  these past few weeks, we’ve been bonding with our relatives because first, two of my cousins are graduating, and my uncle just had his birthday. We’re really close to each other and we always have a good time. So I just wanna share with y’all my famiLEE. 🙂

Kat, my sister and Bea, my cousin.Image

We were talking about College. She’s Angela (or Francine), my cousin. She’s an incoming college freshman and she took the exam in DLSU, ADMU, and UP and she passed them all! She’s a genius okay. She’s going to take the toughest course in UP which is BS Administration&Accountancy. I’m so proud of her. Haha 🙂 Image

Alli, my youngest cousin, all dressed up like the Barden Bellas _MG_1445

Ashley&Ge Jin_MG_1453 _MG_1472 _MG_1477 _MG_1484 _MG_1498 _MG_1499 _MG_1507

Squished face with ate Max_MG_1522 _MG_1542

Endorsers of Jamba Juice?_MG_1572 IMG_1462

That day ended quickly. So we’re off to tito Bok’s birthday after 2 days, I think? I just wanna feature my pretty siblings. _MG_1646

Kuya Mac_MG_1655

Ge Jin

_MG_1658 _MG_1662

Ate Max_MG_1663

Mom and tito Bok_MG_1665

Birthday ‘boy’. Hey couz. (Naks, bagets)_MG_1668 _MG_1671

Bored apa_MG_1674

Jamming_MG_1687 _MG_1695 _MG_1696

Tumblr girls? Sadako maybe_MG_1734

Death stare, Bea_MG_1748

Tres Marias_MG_1759 _MG_1760 _MG_1761 _MG_1767 _MG_1776 _MG_1777 _MG_1782

Perfect Pic ender_MG_1786